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News » MICHAEL HUNT IN MY OPINION State fans have many reasons to give thanks

MICHAEL HUNT IN MY OPINION State fans have many reasons to give thanks

MICHAEL HUNT  IN MY OPINION  State fans have many reasons to give thanks
Although thankfulness should be a year-round deal, 'tis the season and all that. And while we've got much to be grateful for even in unsettling times, it's natural to be more appreciative of some things than others.

Be thankful that CC Sabathia helped give us the first October to remember in 26 years, even if he did revert to his uptight playoff behavior. We'd be more thankful if Baseball had a salary cap, the only way a good Baseball town like Milwaukee would have a chance for such continuity. We'd be less thankful if Sabathia signed with the New York Yankees , as it would be symbolic of what is wrong with the game.

Be thankful that for all its noble underdog virtues, Cal Poly did not bring a kicker to Madison. We'd be more thankful if Bret Bielema truly understood how upset people are that Wisconsin has strayed from the qualities that made it such an admirable football program. We'd be less thankful if the Badgers were somehow complicit in keeping a more worthy team out of a deserving bowl.

Be thankful that Herb Kohl has maintained an NBA presence here against practicality. We'd be more thankful if he'd personally settle the arena question by building a new place himself. (The Herb Garden has a sufficiently green sound, doesn't it?) We'd be less thankful if the three or four people in Seattle still mad about that whole Pilots/Brewers thing began looking this way as a vengeful solution to replace the Sonics.

Be thankful that big-time college football doesn't have a playoff system because excess in all forms is what got us in this mess in the first place. We'd be more thankful if the president-elect did not bring up sports, period. We'd be less thankful if it were possible for Florida and Alabama to play for the national championship, as the game should have a limit of one insufferable coach.

Be thankful that Brett Favre did not become Joe Namath in a Los Angeles Rams uniform. We'd be more thankful if the Brettophiles did not insist on making irrational projections for what Green Bay's record would be had he stayed. We'd be less thankful for a Jets-Giants Super Bowl, as it might cause New Yorkers to believe the world revolved around them.

Be thankful for instate basketball games without regard to attendance or scores. We'd be more thankful if the nothing-to-gain crowd would adopt the humility radiated by Hank Raymonds. We'd be less thankful if Cal Poly started bringing its basketball team to Milwaukee and Madison instead.

Be thankful that blaze orange has not caught on as a fashion trend outside of deer season. We'd be more thankful for the chance to drive down Highway 41 without locking with Bambi's X'ed-out eyes. We'd be less thankful if Bambi figured out a way around the waiting period, along with a way into town.

Be thankful for Big Ten football, even if it did make you reflexively switch to The Surgery Network for the colonoscopy marathon, because of general fan civility when compared to other mega conferences. We'd be more thankful if Minnesota kept better control of the bathrooms in its new stadium. We'd be less thankful if those two Iowa fans brought their act to Camp Randall next season.

Also, be thankful for the diversionary pleasure that sports, when kept in perspective, can bring when times are good and not so good. After all, if the Brewers could be fixed, anything can be fixed.


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Added: November 29, 2008

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