Yovani Gallardo Will Start Today

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Apr 20th 2008 12:26PM by Pat Lackey
Ah, the circle of baseball life in Milwaukee. Before the season started, I thought that in order for the Brewers to compete with the Cubs this year, they’d need both Yovani Gallardo and Ben Sheets healthy for the better part of the season. Right as rain, Gallardo started the year on the DL and is making his debut today, two days after Sheets came out of a game with “soreness.”

Perhaps the most telling sign of Sheets’ condition is that to make room for Gallardo, the Brewers didn’t demote a pitcher. Instead they sent Joe Dillon down to AAA, which leaves them with pitchers and only eight position players on the roster today. That’s some serious imbalance, even this early in the season. I suppose Ned Yost won’t be doing much pinch-hitting today.

Anyways, it doesn’t seem like Sheets is going on the DL. Instead, Dave Bush is getting bumped for Gallardo’s start today, then Bush will start in Sheets’ spot, pushing Sheets back a day and giving him six days rest. Assuming Sheets is healthy by then, some reliever will probably be sent down to AAA to try and restore some semblance of a major league roster.

The biggest concern today is, of course, Gallardo, who should provide some key backing in the case that Sheets go on the DL. He had minor knee surgery during spring training, but he’s looked pretty sharp in three rehab starts. His health is just as important to the team as Prince Fielder busting out of his slump.

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