Yep, That’s Ben Sheets Wincing

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Apr 19th 2008 6:11PM by Eamonn Brennan
Ben Sheets is broken again. The extent of his damage his unknown — so far, it’s only “soreness” — but it’s Ben Sheets, and he’s hurting, which is by now an April/May tradition. So it bears mentioning.

As usual, Sheets was dominating before he had to leave the game. And now the Brewers are worried: “It’s just sore,” Sheets said, acknowledging he was a little worried. “It’s really sore. It’s kind of a crampiness in there.”
“He could have continued easy, but this is not a time to take a chance,” Yost said. “He was throwing good, but I’m not going to take any chance with Ben Sheets in April. I’m not doing it.”

This might be nothing, but it still feels sort of sad. You can just hear the desperation in Yost’s quote there — it’s like his dog has rabies or something, and he doesn’t know what to do. The guy can’t squeeze even one healthy year in, which feels more like a freak thing than anything else. It’s strange.

Luckily for the Brewers, they have future ace Yovani Gallardo returning from injury soon. Garbage in, garbage out, I suppose, though both players, when healthy, are anything but.

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