Eric Gagne Blows Another Save

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Apr 20th 2008 6:16PM by Pat Lackey
For nine and a half innings, everything seemed to be going fine for the Brewers. Yovani Gallardo cruised through seven easy innings in his first start of 2008, holding the Reds to 4 hits and only one run. They only managed one run through nine themselves, but some ugly play by the Reds in the top of the tenth allowed them to take a 3-1 lead. Accordingly, they turned things over to Eric Gagne. Then this happened:
Bottom 10th:
- E. Encarnacion homered to deep left
- P. Bako homered to deep right
After one more walk, Salomon Torres came in and gave up two hits and the Brewers lost. If you’re keeping track at home (and I’ve got a feeling you are if you’re a Brewers fan), that’s three blown saves for Gagne this April in nine opportunities.

It is worth noting that today was the fourth consecutive day that Gagne’s pitched, which kind of makes you wonder just what Ned Yost was thinking by putting him out on the mound today. Ultimately, though, this one’s showing up as another “BS” on Gagne’s stat line and two of the three leads he’s blown have been larger than one run. The Brewers simply need him to be better than that if they’re going to keep up with the Cubs.

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